If you're ready to try VoIP for your home, there are several points worth thinking about before you choose your VoIP provider. That way you can be sure you pick the setup that's right for your family's needs and your particular set-up.

Do you already have broadband?

You need broadband at home in order to be able to make phone calls using VoIP technology. It's a good idea to make sure you know whether it's cable (such as Virgin) or ADSL (such as BT), as this may affect your options.

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We Understand The Problem

Do you want to make calls from your PC? Or from a regular telephone?

You can make free PC-to-PC calls if you use a VoIP provider such as Skype. This might be just right for you, as long as you don't mind being tied to your computer.

The person you're calling must also have broadband, must also have signed up to the same provider, and must also be at their computer. This set-up suits many people. You can also make calls from your PC to other people's phones, but you will be charged for these. And you will still have to be sitting at your computer, of course.

Alternatively, you can choose to make VoIP calls using your existing telephone (phone-to-phone). This is simply a matter of connecting your telephone to your computer, using an adaptor that the VoIP provider will send to you. This kind of service is not free – you usually pay a low monthly subscription.

What you typically get in return is unlimited anytime calls to landlines in countries listed in the calling plan you've chosen.