Treadmills have become the latest fitness equipment for home use. There are numerous treadmill models to select from. You can also search online to purchase treadmills in Ireland.

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When using treadmills, you must be aware of the force that occurs when your feet strike the belt. Your body can absorb as much as 2 1/2 times the body's weight. A properly constructed treadmill is a piece of exercise equipment at home that all members of your family can use.

AC motors found in treadmills operate at a constant speed. They rely on an electronic transmission to control the speed. Those that are powered by DC motors utilize variable voltages to regulate the speed of the belt.

A pre-programmed workout records your heart rate, without being linked to the treadmill via wire or cord. Many treadmills are equipped with an electronic console that displays information about your workout like the speed, distance traveled and the time you've worked out, and the calories you've burned.

It is important to note that some treadmills have heart rate sensors that can be clipped onto an ear, or for more precise readings, attach to your chest. Certain treadmills track your heart rate using sensors in the frame, which are held by your hands, however, this is only feasible only if you're walking, not running.