When looking for financial planning advice there are several options that are open to you. If you are knowledgeable and have an interest in investment matters, then there is the self-invested personal pension. This is where you make an investment decision for your own retirement and the only advice you need is how to set it and on which investments to make.

Many SIPPS holders subscribe to stock market membership sites where people discuss which shares tend to move based on performance and technical analysis. Although SIPPS are increasingly popular, most people prefer to make their investment decisions for them, and the choice of which pension to invest in can be made far easier with some quality retiral planning advice.

This can come in the form of independent financial advisors who are able to discuss your financial situation and your future plans and come up with something that suits your needs perfectly. To receive this kind of pension planning advice it is usually possible to receive the first appointment for free.

This will provide an adequate opportunity to satisfy yourself that you like advisors and feel comfortable in the advice being given. It must be said at this point that one of the best ways to find financial advisors is with recommendations and then check that they meet the requirements etc.