If you are unsure how to get started with cleaning your oriental rugs, here are a few tips:-

1) Do it yourself or professionally?

It's a good idea to pay a little extra and make sure you hire a real carpet cleaning professional with experience and authority. The best cleaning method depends on the carpet, but don't try to clean it yourself. 

You can spoil it and you won't be able to get the results you want anyway. So don't waste your time, get in touch with a professional rug cleaner in Santa Barbara.

Selecting an Oriental Rug Cleaning Company

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2) Which method?

When looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company, you should know a little about the different cleaning methods that should be used to clean carpets. The most effective method is usually referred to as full immersion cleaning. 

However, this method will not work for all carpets. In some cases, the newest cleaning methods have to be used. This means that less water is used to clean carpets. This is where it is important to hire a true expert as he or she can identify your carpet first and then choose the best cleaning method for it.

3) Have pet stains?

One thing we often encounter is pet stains and pungent carpet odors that dogs or cats may encounter. This can create serious odor problems in your home that will cause the carpet to roll up and be thrown into the garage. 

By the way, this is not recommended because in such a storage situation there is a good chance that moths will stick to your carpet if it is made of wool! and from the liver, pet odors can usually be removed, although often the stain turns permanent.