China's breakfast is very different from Westerners. Because they don't consume bread as much, they don't depend on the toaster. Non-Asian people are more susceptible to culture shock when they see all the Chinese food available in the early hours of the morning. You may have tried a few Chinese dishes at your local Chinese restaurant. However, the food has been modified with American spices so that it is not authentic Chinese food.

To make the best Chinese breakfast, cong y bing also known as the scallion pancake, you don't need a toaster. This type of pancake is a flatbread that's folded and filled with many fillings. It's similar to an Italian version of the pizza. You can also buy these ready-made pancakes online as well at

Scallion Pancake

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The large number of seasonings that are added during cooking gives it a unique flavor. To make it stand out, you can mix the scallion pancake with sesame seeds or fennel leaves. These scallion pancakes are often served in American Chinese restaurants with chili sauce, soy sauce, or a Vietnamese-inspired dipping sauce.

Dimsum is a dish that you've probably heard of. It means "the heart's pleasure". It's not surprising that dim sum is a favorite Chinese dish that's eaten early in the morning. Locals recommend that you enjoy dim sum by eating a bowl of fish with these steamed dumplings or fried dumplings. 

The best thing about Chinese food is the freedom to combine different foods and there are no wrong ways to do so. They believe that food is a blessing and should be enjoyed to its fullest. This is why many Chinese people eat breakfast every day.