Need to take your yoga progress to another level by adding some vinyasa postures or kickass ashtanga? To do these, you require proper clothing like compression activewear that will offer a snug fit upon your body without embarrassing the flow of your movements. There are many firms like Bang that provide the best seamless active leggings.     


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Compression activewear is tight-fitting clothing specially designed to be stretchable without compromising on construction. It's a popular addition in the wardrobes of athletes and exercise enthusiasts who wish to take their workouts to higher levels of intensity.  

There are lots of scientific reasons for choosing this sort of apparel.It helps improve blood flow within the body so the wearer receives an excess burst of energy during exercise. 

The perfect fit of compression activewear enhances the efficacy of workouts and lowers the possibility of injuries. Additionally, it aids in reducing soreness and fatigue after a vigorous exercise.  

Sweat absorption property

Designers utilize cutting edge technology and higher quality wicking fabrics like microfiber nylon and Spandex for the production of compression wear.Wicking materials help to absorb perspiration and keep the body cool during exercise.  

It's been demonstrated that having the body at a cool core temperature enhances athletic ability and functionality.Compression activewear made from microfiber and Spandex are light, soft, and can be washed in the washing machine.