The popularity of skeeball has been sky-rocketing over the last few years. The arcade game is now available in many bars, restaurants, and stores. For those who would like to enjoy a round of skeeball without the hefty price tag, our solution is right here: buy your own machine!

What is a Skeeball Machine?

A skeeball machine is a game that you can play for free. You use it to shoot balls into a target and try to get as many points as possible. To find and buy a skee ball machine, start by searching online at or by contacting local businesses in your area. 

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Tips for playing skee ball:

  • Make sure the ball is properly inflated. Overinflated balls will not bounce as high and are harder to hit.
  • Try to aim for the middle of the target. The middle is where most of the balls will land anyway.
  • Don't hit the ball too hard. Hitting the ball too hard will cause it to bounce off the wall and out of play.

How to win at skee ball:

First, make sure you buy the right machine for your needs. If you want to play casually with friends or family, a smaller machine will do. But if you want to take your skee ball game seriously, go for a bigger machine that has more cups. The more cups, the more chances you have of winning.

Second, practice makes perfect. Skee ball is all about timing and accuracy; if you can get those things down, you'll be able to win every time. Practice throwing and catching the ball until it feels natural; then start playing against real people and see how far you can go!