You've probably read all the sleep aid books, listened to the advice of other well-meaning people, and still don't know where to start and what to do. You may be wondering which advice is right for your child? You will fill out an initial questionnaire when booking and then a sleep advisor will contact you and discuss the family's needs with you. 

It creates your personal and detailed step-by-step sleep plan. The plan includes information and advice on things like routines, eating, getting used to naps, and sleeping at night, along with explanations of various sleep training options. 

The experienced sleep consultant will arrange additional interviews with you to discuss the plan and give you suggestions for implementing the recommendations in your plan so that you feel safe and ready to work on your child's sleep. 

From the moment you start implementing your plan, the sleep advisor will be your primary support and guide. The nursing sleep advisor is flexible and unique. You will receive written feedback on your sleep diary and practical advice on what to do each night each day for two weeks. 

You can get additional support via email and phone. The sleep advisor is not only with you for the two weeks you work on your child's sleep, but is also available to answer your questions for the two weeks. A month's worth of support and guidance provides another level of confidence.