Applying for a student visa to Australia is a great way to earn a degree from one of Australia's internationally competitive and highly respected institutions that will give you an excellent career start once you graduate. If you are an adult student, there are opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills or study in a new area. Student visas also provide a potential avenue for further education and employment opportunities in Australia, with the option to apply for a college visa at the end of your studies.

A student visa allows you to combine your studies with a trip through Australia during the semester break and thus get to know the unique sights and sounds. You can also work part-time to earn extra money to cover your stay. There are so many firms such as Australia migrate that help you in preparing your visa file and make your process easy.

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Read on for details on the requirements for obtaining a study visa to Australia.

Enroll in the course:

You must enroll in a full-time registered course and submit a Confirmation of Enrolment as part of your student visa application. You can choose from a variety of course providers, skill levels, and areas of study, and you can group two or more courses together, progressing from course to course. Student visa holders have the following options: professional education, higher education, and postgraduate studies. The student visa program is also open to school-age children.

English Tests:

You must take one of the following English language tests and achieve the minimum required number of points (unless you are exempt from it):

  • Professional English Test (OET)
  • Test of English as an internet-based foreign language test (TOEFL iBT)
  • PTE academics
  • Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) Test (Certificate in Advanced English).