There was a time when bridal showers were held to help the newlyweds get everything they needed to start married life.

Bridal showers have become a time for women to gather and pamper the bride-to-be, as well as prepare her for married life. And that leaves the door for all kinds of unique bridal shower gifts.

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Here are some tips and ideas to ensure you have a memorable gift for your next bridal shower.

1. In this modern era, many brides and grooms pay for their own wedding and honeymoon expenses. What does your bride want – but not buy for herself at this point in her life? Take notes and, if necessary, meet with friends to buy something the bride really likes.

2. Some of the most popular bridal gifts are the ones that help the bride and groom remember the good times together. Make a collage or visit a photo editing website and create an album. Or simply frame your favorite photo with the bride and add a sentimental message on the back.

3. Create a personalized gift basket for the bride. Fill the basket with her favorite items, including creams and lotions, or her favorite fragrance to wear on her wedding day.

4. Give her the marriage survival kit. You can purchase one of these pre-assembled from various online retailers or make your own. Add everything you need before the big day: hairspray, bobby pins, shower gel, deodorant, and so on.

The key to finding the perfect bridal shower gift is to focus on the bride and your personal relationship. Whatever the bride is celebrating or your relationship with, as well as things that add to her wedding day or honeymoon, will be perfect.