Hard water can be treated with a water softener to reduce its harmful effects. Water softeners exchange specific ions designed to remove positively charged ions. The anti-limescale system converts calcium ions into calcium crystals that are stable and won't stick to pipes, hardware, surfaces, or other objects. 

These crystals are very small and can easily be washed away by the flow of water. They are neutral, harmless, heat resistant, and completely stable, and won't attach to surfaces such as your heaters and pipes to develop and leave limescale deposits. You can also buy aqua softeners online.

When treated with a water softener, water becomes structured and has the following advantages:

1) Clean and softer skin and very smooth hair.

2) Minimized soap curd helps in cleaning more easily and minimizes housework.

3) The clothes are softer as they are now without any hard minerals which are trapped in the fabric. Such fabrics last much longer and whites stay white for a long time without any dingy grey which is caused by the hard aqua.

4) It preserves all of your water appliances like heaters, washing machines, coffee machines, dishwashers and ice makers, and several other types of equipment.

5) You could save money on your energy costs monthly.