Over the years, I have heard many horror stories from residential client waterproofing contractors needing basement waterproofing or basement leak repairs. Unlike electricians and plumbers,waterproofing contractors in Sydney are not regulated; therefore, any person or business that owns a shovel or excavator can claim to be a waterproofing contractor or fully capable of waterproofing their basement.

The most frequent complaint is that contractors never respond to customer phone calls requesting warranty service, even if the customer has a lifetime warranty or other warranty in their possession. I wrote this article because I believe consumers would benefit more from waterproofing hiring advice if a waterproofing contractor provided that advice.

Steps to take before hiring any person or company to waterproof your basement:

Look up the business in the Yellow Pages or the Gold Book under the heading "Waterproofing Contractors" as only bonafide waterproofing contractors would choose to advertise in this category.

Consider how waterproofing services are advertised. A contractor who advertises in directories like the Yellow Pages spends a lot of money doing so, therefore, they should be serious about being recognized as a professional company in the industry. If you call a business that puts up signs on streetlights or street corners, how likely is it that you will ever find the business, the owner, or even the business address if something doesn't suit you?

Unlike a contractor building a house or finishing a basement, it is not possible to assess the quality of a waterproofing contractor's work unless he possesses the necessary expertise in the domain. Only with time will the suitability and effectiveness of the waterproofing work be verified. Consequently, referrals from friends are only valuable if the work was done at least five years ago.