Unfortunately, if you are in such a situation where your rights are being neglected, or some injustice has been done, then you can seek the legal assistance of a family law attorney.

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Let's understand in which scenarios family law attorney in Houston can help you.


If you have decided to end the marriage, a family lawyer can help you in the legal dissolution of the marriage. Divorce involves the legal dissolution of the marriage by the court or other competent authority.

It helps you to protect against future litigation and claims by a spouse. But the dissolution of marriage is not a simple task.

 Divorce law varies from state to state. Various factors are involved and a lot of decisions are to be made. Your family law attorney in Houston can represent you in court and help in resolving disputes.

Child Custody

This is the most common dispute arises when parents decide to divorce. If parents are not able to come to an agreement, then the court decides with whom the child will stay.

The decision is taken by considering various factors into account and made in the best interest of the child.