Swimming pools definitely add to the beauty and value of a home – but they are also big energy consumers. It is therefore important that they are designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. In fact, many people prefer ecological swimming pools and fortunately, with today's modern technology and facilities, both existing and newly built swimming pools can be environmentally friendly. Building pools with the help of swimming pool contractors can be beneficial for you.

Small inground pool with swim spa.

Energy-efficient pools are not only beneficial for the environment but also for pool owners. So, if you are thinking about getting a new pool or planning to renovate an existing pool, here are some reasons why energy efficiency is an important criterion:

Swimming pools with variable speed pumps and pool covers can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. Pool covers can also keep your pool warm so you no longer have to worry about your heating bills and electricity bills. Most importantly, you can save your money for future use. However, you also need to do your part by buying the right equipment and following proper, energy-efficient maintenance habits.

Pools usually lose heat and water through evaporation. To avoid this and to conserve water, the coating can be important.

To motivate pool owners to switch to eco-friendly pools by purchasing energy-efficient pool equipment, incentives and discounts are offered depending on the country.

To make your pool more energetic, you may need to remodel the pool. Buying the right equipment and performing its maintenance is an important step for you to enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient concrete pool.