Botox is a wrinkle-relaxing agent that has been FDA approved for treating moderate to severe lines , such as forehead and crow's foot lines. It is a pure and safe version of botulinum Toxin that is created by microbes and can cause botulism.

In the event of injection, BOTOX will temporarily paralyze facial muscles and prevent the formation of deep wrinkles, crow's feet and furrows on the skin. You can visit various online sources to find the treatment of botox in Oahu.

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If the injections are properly placed, BOTOX Cosmetic can block nerve impulses from getting to muscles. It weakens them , so they can't contract. This causes temporary elimination of lines and furrows with moderately severe severity.

Methodology and the Results

For patients looking to reduce the appearance of crow's foot or lines of frown, the doctor injects BOTOX Cosmetic to the following areas of the face:

"Crow's feet: BOTOX will be injected into three parts of the orbicularis orbicularis muscle, which frames the sides of the eye.

The frown line: BOTOX can be administered to two muscles of the forehead, namely the corrugator and procerus muscles.

Lines of the lip that run vertically:  BOTOX will be injected into the upper lip.

Doctors can choose to numb the area using the use of ice packs or an application of cream for numbing prior to injecting BOTOX Cosmetic. Within just a few days after treatment, patients begin to see improvements and the effects can last for up to 4 months, however, areas that are frequently treated may show lasting effects.