There are so many questions about how to save battery power and how to extend battery life. To help you find out answers to these questions, here are some simple tips to make sure your battery lasts longer. You can also hop over to this website to buy Lithium Ion Batteries online.

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1. Store your battery at room temperature

Ideally, you should store the battery at a room temperature of around 20 degrees C. If your car is too hot, don't plug your device in the car. This is because heat is the biggest factor that can shorten the life of a lithium-ion power supply.

2. Don't buy too many replacement packs

The battery will run out over time. So if you think it will take longer to buy replacement parts, you are wrong. You should consider the aging factor when buying. Thus, Choose to package with the most recent date of manufacture.

3. Avoid total dilution

Experts say that Lithium-ion devices should be discharged after every 30 charges. However, if you continue to follow this procedure, a digital store will be created and the accuracy of the power meter will be reduced. Therefore, you have to disconnect the device to a level called to interrupt and then charge it again.

4. Do not completely Discharge them

If you remove a lithium-ion device until the voltage drops below 2.5 V, the internal safety circuit opens and the battery appears empty. In this case, you cannot use the original charger. However, you can use a dedicated battery analyzer to see if the battery comes back to life.

5. Store properly

While having a spare battery for your laptop is great, be aware that it won't give you as much backup time as the original device. One reason is that you tend to make the device fully charged. Second, the oxidation process of these units is quite rapid during storage. In this case, you need to store 40% of the device in the refrigerator.

Proper storage of these units is a brilliant achievement if you want to get the most out of these units.