If you are the type of person who enjoys visiting museums and art exhibitions, you probably have a wide variety of works of art in your own home. Most of these works of art are also probably purchased pieces. While artwork that comes from a store or artist studio is beautiful, there is something to be said for creating your own artwork for your home.

For some, creating their own artwork may be easier than for others. For example, someone may be very skilled with a paintbrush, but not so good with clay molding. So if you are not the type of person who wants to play on clay, there is another option: glass.

An easy project for beginners when working with glass is to use the fusible glass method. This technique is used by using pieces of glass that you may already have at home. Think of a mosaic table or oceanside glass that you have seen. This is the same kind of style. All you need to get started is some hot glass supplies.

To get started, you need to have a base glass piece. Make sure this piece of glass is the way you want the final piece to be. Once you've chosen your base piece, start breaking down any other types of glass you want to add. The glass you want to coat the top of the base piece on can be shades of brightly colored reds and blues or duller shades of greens and yellows. You can also use confetti-sized pieces of glass to place on your base.

So if you're interested in thinking outside the box, try making your own glass mosaic display piece. A glass mosaic would be the perfect accent for a coffee table in a living room or the counter in powder bathrooms. Glass mosaics are so versatile; you could create one for every room in your house.