Some words seem popular at different times. They are used as slogans to encourage us to focus on certain aspects of our health, well-being, and performance. 

Sustainability is the newest of those words, but what do you mean by that, what does sustainability mean to you? You can get information about sustainability couching for nurses through various online sources.

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Many of us see endurance as endurance, perseverance, overcoming the "heat" and the will and ability to jump. Perspective is an important aspect of resilience to see obstacles like steps and not treat them as obstacles or stumbling blocks. 

The way we view the problem matters; If we feel overwhelmed or lost, we will not judge a good result positively, perhaps even asking if it is worth continuing.

Here are some positive tips to help support better resilience:

Faith is an important part of sustainability: Believe in yourself that you are strong enough and can deal with difficult situations. Believing that everything happens for a reason, that you learn from the experience and grow as a consequence.

But also set realistic goals: Yes, stretching is important, but resilience also means being honest and realistic with yourself. What else is going on in your life, is it a good time to face additional stress or challenge?

Evaluate yourself: Stop and say "good luck" sometimes. You have times when you think about how far you've come, how far you've come. Anniversaries or New Year's Eve can be great for this, even if there are no tangible results.