While the bed forms the focal point of a bedroom, there are few other pieces of furniture that complete a bedroom. A bedside table is one of them.

A bedside table or a nightstand can keep your bedroom cleaner. It is traditionally used to place night lamps and bedtime essentials by the bed. A bedside table via www.peppersq.com/categories/transforming-tables can help you reach for the items quicker without getting up from the bed. It is one of the most functional pieces of furniture you can have in your home.

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There are different types of bedside tables that you can buy for your bedroom. These tables are usually made of wood. You should know of the types available in the market before choosing one for your home.

  • Simple tables with legs – These can be used for placing a few bedside items and a lamp. They occupy lesser space and are suitable for a small room. Some of them can come with a single drawer, like the Risco Bedside Table by Aprodz.
  • Nightstands with storage – These are the conventional bedside tables with storage and the top is used to place a lamp. They are more similar to a chest of drawers. The perfect example will be Aprodz’s Serpa having storage features like multiple drawers. You can store magazines, newspapers, and small items that are needed daily.
  • Small Cabinets – These cabinets are bedside tables with drawers and doors. They offer enough storage to keep your bedroom free of clutter. You can safely keep valuables and wallets in these types of nightstands.